Tips to Groom Your Dog like a Pro

Having a loving and cute dog at home makes your life complete. You don’t need to ponder on small things while watching your cute pup in growing bigger and stronger. Many people depend on pet salons to groom their dogs on regular basis. Well, this doesn’t mean that you cannot do the grooming yourself. You too can do it yourself at your home. People fail to at times understand the importance of grooming your Pet Dog Healthy.

Advantages of grooming your pets

  • Regular grooming removes the excess dear skin and hair. It also enables effective distribution of natural oils that helps in keeping your dog’s skin and fur coat healthy.
  • You can check for any unusual bumps, parasites, wounds and lumps that might need urgent attention.
  • It effectively improves the blood circulation
  • Regular grooming helps in reducing excess blood pressure and stress in both the pet and owner. This has been scientifically proven as well.

Tips to groom your dog at home

  • Brushing – Make sure you check for any ticks and bugs while brushing the fir of your dog. These are small black flecks that can prove to be hazardous for the health of your dog. Generally weekly brushing shall be more than enough, but you must give a proper attention to the quality of the fur regularly. Select the correct brush according to the hair of your dog. Go for thick brush if your dog has a dense hair growth. Use a sleek brush in order to remove tangles gently. Use mats during this process. Don’t forget to comb the feet and tail hairs during brushing.
  • Bathing – It is your duty to determine the total number of times your dog needs a bath. Make sure you check the weather before going for a dog’s bathing process. Use a very mild shampoo that will avoid any sort of irritation. Dog’s skin is much different form a human’s skin. So you need to extra careful with it. Start the process by putting some lukewarm water and gently brushing off any dust and dirt accumulated on the hairs of the dog. It would be great if you use a bath mat for bathing the dogs. They feel comfortable on it. During bathing a dog make sure you check his ears properly. Many times mites enter their ears causing them discomfort and pain. Once you are done with the process, dry the dog properly with a soft towel. Donot rub too hard on their skinas this can cause rashes on it.
  • BlowDryer– If your dog has a thick hair quantity, makes sure you blow dry their hairs properly after every bath. Dogs love to splash their hair water everywhere and you can prevent this by blow drying their hairs properly.

These were some simple grooming tips for your dog. You can make this activity fun by adding some pet toys to the process. This will keep the excitement level of dogs under check and you too can control them According to your demands.